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About Us

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A Ray Textiles was created by the sincere demand from Insurance Carriers, contractors and homeowners to have courteous, professional customer service and soft-goods cleaning at a far more reasonable price than had been previously available to consumers. Major National franchise services tend to have invoices 30-50% more than A Ray Textiles. The owners of A Ray Textiles have always believed in fair pricing for top-notch, personalized and honest service, saving the insurance carrier and homeowner thousands per claim, but with far less hassle


A Ray Textiles operates throughout the entire state of Florida and into South Georgia. We independently own a 19,000 sqft. processing plant in Orlando, Florida.

Our inventory systems, process and invoices are the most transparent in the market with few, if any, confusing and profitable line items some other companies often use to inflate your bill. We are typically paid for our services through insurance companies and A Ray Textiles will NEVER hold a policy-holder's soft goods "hostage" until we are paid like most textile services continue to do. We trust both our Carrier partners and their policy holders. At A Ray we still believe a handshake and one's word still mean something.

As well, A Ray Textiles keeps our bills exceptionally low by carefully examining ALL items in an affected residence and separating the items which are:

  •  Completely unaffected, whereas there is no need for our specialized services

  •  Self-cleanable, whereas we will instruct as to the best method of cleaning

  •  Affected by the loss, whereas they will be meticulously inventoried and professionally cleaned by A Ray Textiles

  •  Non-salvageable, whereas your insurance provider works with you on a replacement value

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