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Typically, once we are assigned to you, usually by your contractor or insurance company, we share in a short discussion to see what your needs truly are. Not only your needs for textile work, but also to help you understand the entire claims process and where we fit within it.

We will then walk with you through your home and designate areas that have been affected by the loss which occurred, taking pictures of each room. From here we can easily let the homeowner know which of your textile items have been affected by the loss that we will professionally clean/dry clean.

Here is a list of soft good/textiles/garments that we can professionally clean from the likes of all odors, smoke, soot, mold, biohazardous materials and water (if items we extract cannot come 100% clean for whatever reason we will not charge for them):


  •  All clothing

  •  Bulk Laundry

  •  Tapestries

  •  Bedding

  •  Window treatments

  •  Linens

  •  Shoes

  •  Leathers

  •  Handbags/purses

  •  Luggage

  •  Belts

  •  Rugs

  •  Suedes

  •  Hats

  •  Draperies

  •  Stuffed animals and dolls

  •  Soft sofa's, chairs and furniture


We will discuss with you the areas of your home where textiles were not affected and if they can be simply cleaned at home so that there are less items being removed. Depending on the severity of your fire, mold or water loss, there may be items destroyed to the point they cannot be restored. We will carefully itemize these "non-restorable" items for you and submit the list to the insurance company for the replacement value process.

Your A Ray Textiles representative will ask if there are items we could process as a rush order so that you are not left without essential items for school, church, work, etc. The remainder of the items to be carefully removed for professional cleaning services will be brought back to you at a date to be coordinated by the homeowner, the contractor and adjuster so as not to be returned to a home still being serviced for overall cleaning and to prevent any cross contamination. From there, we maintain an open line of communication with all parties until your items are returned and you are 100% completely satisfied with our service.

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