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Kevin, the founder of A Ray Textiles, Inc., has been the Owner and CEO since its inception in 2014. Hailing from Long Island, NY, Kevin holds a BS in Finance and an MBA. He is also a proud father to Brandon and Devin, who play active roles in the company. With almost two decades of experience in the restoration industry, Kevin has been involved in textiles restoration since 2005 and has successfully expanded the business to cover Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas.



Devin serves as the Business Development Manager for A Ray Textiles, Inc. in Georgia, North/South Carolina. He has been a part of the restoration industry since 2010 and holds a B.S. in Accounting from Flagler College. Since its inception in 2014 by his father Kevin, Devin has been an integral part of the company's growth and expansion beyond Florida.

Brandon Oatkin

Field Technician

Having joined A Ray Textiles since its inception, Brandon is a recent graduate of Daytona State University in 2020. You can find Brandon working in the field and connecting with customers! 

Robert Spradling

Field Technician

A retired Navy serviceman, Robert has been an integral part of the A Ray Textiles team since 2015.

Wilmary Shorb

Hand cleaning specialist

Since 2020, Wilmary has been a valuable asset to A Ray Textiles as a hand cleaning specialist - making sure all of your belongings are taken care of

Geydi Valle

Lead Presser

Since 2017, Geydi has been an integral part of A Ray Textiles, proficient in managing every facet of the cleaning process and pressing of textiles.

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