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What is restoration?
Restoration is a highly-specialized cleaning process by which damaged fabric items such as clothing, draperies and bedding are restored to their pre-catastrophe condition

How is Aray textiles different from my regular dry cleaner?
We specialize in cleaning and restoring the items a regular dry cleaner is not capable of cleaning. We restore items that have been damaged by fire, smoke and water. Whether it is a vintage wedding gown, a Persian rug, or a closet full of designer clothing, we have experts to handle everything in your home. At Aray textiles, our professional staff is confident in our ability to restore your items.

Does it really make sense to attempt cleaning my items?
Absolutely. We will restore your items to how they were before the catastrophe for only a fraction of the cost of replacement. In fact, most homeowners think their items look better after we return them than they did before.

What kind of items are you able to clean?
We can expertly clean anything you would wash at home or have dry cleaned professionally—and a lot of other items you never knew could be cleaned. From your favorite suit to your child’s stroller—we have perfected processes to clean clothing, shoes, belts, purses, luggage, draperies, blinds, leathers, suedes, fur, saris, wedding gowns and so much more.

Will my clothes really smell fresh?
We have a proven method for removing the damaging effects of fire, smoke, water, mildew, debris and odor from your fabric items. Our system was developed over a twenty-year period of extensive research, testing and experience.

Will all my items be dry cleaned?
We have many ozoning, deodorizing and cleaning processes. Our experts will analyze each of your possessions to choose the best cleaning method. Although some items will be dry cleaned, the overwhelming majority will be gently cleaned using water. We are passionate about doing what is best for your clothing and for the environment.

Who decides what items will be restored?
Each job is different, but, usually the dry cleaner and the adjuster will determine what is restorable. Damaged items are evaluated for restoration. Recoverable items are taken for the restoration process to begin. Although, sentimental items may be added at the customer’s request. 

How long will it take for my items to be returned to me? 
When customers have an immediate need, we work within a 48 hour turn around time to provide a week's work of clothing.  We call this our Red Bag Service. The turnaround for the remainder of the items is one and a half weeks from the time of the initial pickup.

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